As long as you feed yourself with what you want to hear, your perspective, actions and impact will always be emaciated.

You cannot eat only one food – however healthy the item is and expect to get all your nutrients and expect your body to operate at its optimal ability. Just because you like chicken you cannot only eat chicken and remain healthy. Every cell in your body needs a variety of nutrients to be at its best, then the organ functions well and your whole body is at its optimal. Another way to look at it, the body does not feed minerals to the leg muscles, proteins (amino acids) to the arm muscles to remain healthy etc but each cell gets all the different nutrients for the body to be healthy. Continue reading


How To Stop Tribalism In African Politics

The easiest way to stop tribalism being used by politicians is no one should be allowed to seek political office in the place they were born or county they grew up in. e.g. Wajaluo watafute kura ukambani, wakamba north eastern, coastrarians kikuyuni wameru ujaluoni etc. That way they will be forced to understand people from other communities better and their issues as passionately as their own. They will see them as human as they are. It would force citizens to scrutinise a leader better. Otherwise as long as you hanging out with ‘your people’ expecting to be tribeless is a huge joke and a mockery of the God who created the tribes and their cultures. Continue reading

Two Irreplaceable Resources

There are two resources I believe are irreplaceable. When spent or wasted you simply cannot make them up or save them. These are human creativity and time.

Unlike other forms of creativity, human ability and creativity is limited to that one person in what they do, their unique offering. You can enhance it through coaching and training but the creative ability is unique to that person. Whoever Picasso mentored is not Picasso 2 they are their own person. There can’t be two Picassos, two Gandhis, or Marys. This is why dead mens art becomes invaluable on their death. They can never be replicated.If they are they are fakes. Continue reading

My Simple Strategy For Gubernatorial Candidates Moving Forward

All said the reality is none is a perfect guy, all got where they got and did things they shouldn’t have for whatever reason I don’t know. But assuming they want the good of this city. A guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do. And before you judge them (or me ) each of these men is a product of you Kenyans (and where are the ladies?) Continue reading

Holier Than Thou

It’s amazing the number of people who know how to criticise others when they do not know what they have been through. Now unless you were born of the same parents, with the same genes, have had the same experiences you really have no right to point figures at anyone who made life changing decisions and even a choice for death. If the one who created them gives them that choice, who are you to think anyone should make the decisions and choices you think are correct? Some of us would even criticise Jesus for dying on the cross (you understand that was a suicide mission) Continue reading